A community for busy solo business owners who value space, not noise.

Running a business can be both challenging and rewarding

You set up your business to make a difference, to help others and to show up in the world the way you know best.

There’s nothing like the feeling of job satisfaction when your clients tell you how much you helped them.

But it can also be risky and uncertain at times. If you don’t have people around you who truly understand it, you can start to feel lonely.

These mixed feelings are all part of the solopreneur life, but what if it doesn’t need to be that way?

What if you could find…

  • A safe, supportive environment to come as you are and connect with like-minded people.
  • A community that values thoughtful space over noisy distractions and notifications.
  • A network of business owners who understand the daily highs and lows of solo entrepreneurship.
  • Support and connection that doesn’t require an explanation or justification.
  • Dedicated time and space to nourish your own goals and your business and personal growth.

That’s where Solopreneurs With Soul comes in!

A monthly membership for solo business owners craving community.

This is a community built on care and compassion for ourselves and each other.

Where you can find a supportive space, built on a foundation of genuine connection and belonging.

We turn down the volume on the noise of unattainable goals, unrealistic expectations and too many notifications.

We listen, share and understand that we’re all doing our best, but sometimes, we need support and accountability to keep us going.

You won’t find any judgement here – chances are we’ve encountered similar situations and sometimes you just need to say things out loud.

“Safe space for quiet thought and lightbulb moments”

“I just finished another co-working call with the lovely Solopreneurs With Soul group, where I spent a full hour and a half on strategy and planning for my business.

It is so incredibly productive to have that focused time with a gorgeous group of people. Thanks so much Marina for facilitating the safe space for quiet thought and lightbulb moments.”

Andrea McQuillan – Digital Marketer & Coach

Your Membership Includes:

Co-Working Sessions

In a service-based business, it’s tempting to keep putting client work first, without making time for ourselves.

Our weekly co-working sessions allow us space to move the needle on our businesses and work towards our goals!

Guest Speakers

Expanding our knowledge and growing our mindsets as business owners is so important.

Each month, we invite an expert to talk to us about business/lifestyle, covering everything from mindset to marketing.

Guided Meditations

Between client work, business ideas and personal commitments, we have a lot to juggle!

Enjoy the luxury of turning down the noise with a monthly meditation for an uninterrupted moment of peace.

Virtual Coffees

Monthly online get-togethers where we connect and chat in a relaxed environment.

Share your wins and challenges and swap ideas with people who understand the solopreneur journey!

Community Meet-Ups

Because you just can’t beat in-person connections – we meet quarterly as a group (in Ireland).

Whether it’s time in nature or chatting over a shared meal, these events allow you to make lasting real-life connections.

With no expectations, you have the option to join any of the above events, as and when works for you.

Hi there!

I’m Marina – Operations and Thinking Partner for service-based solopreneurs.
Above all, I value genuine connection and am committed to forging authentic, meaningful relationships wherever I go.
That’s why I created Solopreneurs With Soul. A community where you simply show up as you are and create real connections that last.
  • Get rid of comparison and the pressure to keep up.
  • Say goodbye to putting ourselves last at each turn.
  • Make space for business growth with gentle support and accountability.

How does that sound?

“An empathetic, gentle space”

“I love the feeling of community within the group. The co-working sessions are a fantastic way to carve out time to work on various aspects of my business, with opportunity to connect with the other members. Marina creates an empathetic, gentle space while keeping us focussed on our tasks.”

Maureen McCowen – Presentation Skills Specialist

How do I join?

Solopreneurs With Soul is a monthly rolling membership that allows you to dip in and out as needed.

Membership costs just €27 per month.

With that, you receive:

  • Instant access to our Member’s Area with previous guest speaker recordings.
  • Invitations to our upcoming sessions.
  • A warm and welcoming community of likeminded business owners.

We love to welcome new members and cannot wait to see you for a cuppa very soon!

“Invaluable for my growth”

“Solopreneurs With Soul provides me with the space I need to be more strategic in my business. The support I receive during the co-working sessions is invaluable for my growth as a solopreneur. Our diverse backgrounds and combined experiences create a group that is incredibly supportive and helpful to each other.

I’m constantly learning from others, and our get-togethers, whether online or in person, are always fun and engaging!”

Liz McMahon – Marketing Strategist