I’d heard so many positive things about Daniel Pink, yet I’d never actually gotten around to reading any of his work. So when the members of The Brava Business Book Club voted to cover one of his books recently, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

The book we covered was When – The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing*. Daniel Pink describes it as a When-To book, as opposed to a How-To book, which felt like an interesting perspective. I was intrigued from the outset.

In terms of structure, the book is broken into three main sections:

  1. The Day
  2. Beginnings, Endings and In-Between
  3. Synching and Thinking

Section 1 – The Day

This first section gives some interesting insights into the hidden pattern of everyday life and how we experience the day in three stages – a peak, a trough and a rebound. While we will each experience these stages in our own unique way, the majority of us (about 75%) will experience a peak in the morning, a trough in the afternoon and a rebound in the early evening.

The key learning from this section was how we can schedule our day to optimise our performance and mood. And to never (ever!) have a medical procedure done in the afternoon…

Section 2 – Beginnings, Endings and In-Between

This was arguably the most powerful section of the book and the beginning-middle-end pattern echoed the peak-trough-rebound concept from the previous section. The chapter on endings was particularly interesting and there is real value in it for any business owner wanting to leave a lasting positive impression on clients and colleagues.

Section 3 – Synching and Thinking

I’ll be honest, this final section didn’t have the same level of impact on me as the previous sections. There were some interesting points about group timing, but overall it felt like padding on what was already a really great book. I personally thought that the chapter on endings would have been an appropriate way to close out the book meaningfully.

The Time Hackers Handbook

It’s all very well to read and nod along with the contents of a book, but the real value comes from the application of what we’ve learned. This is where the Time Hacker’s Handbook comes into play.

What exactly is the Time Hacker’s Handbook??

I’m so glad you asked 🙂

The Time Hacker’s Handbook is the action piece of the book. It’s the roadmap to taking the insights from each chapter and applying them to your life and/or business. The author provides an abundance of tools, tips and exercises – so much practical advice that can be put to use immediately. Restorative breaks, naps and thank you emails – yes, please!


When – The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing* is a very enjoyable read. Daniel Pink has a wonderful way of marrying scientific research with everyday practicality. His witty conversational style held my attention throughout the book, even for the parts I wasn’t too keen on. And I have officially added “owliness” and “nappuccino” to my vocabulary.

If you want to use time and timing more effectively, this book is a great place to start!


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